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As an activist for social justice, in the middle of informing someone you’ve probably run into some folks who suddenly stop you, plug their ears, and quip, “I don’t want to know.”  I understand the “pain of knowing,” but why are some people more outraged by the sharing of the facts than of the facts themselves – shouldn’t they be outraged that injustices are happening at all?

I don’t have an answer – I’m wondering what you think…

Is there a broken or incomplete feedback loop that goes something like this, “Oh, that’s painful information >> it’s hurting me >> if I don’t hear/see it, then I won’t be in pain.”  But the painful act didn’t stop, just the awareness stopped.  What seems to be missing is ACTION.  Maybe the feedback loop could be more complete, “Oh, that’s painful information >> it’s hurting me >> because it is hurting others >> how can I stop the pain of others so that I can stop my pain?”

This would be the development of “us” – recognizing that we are all ONE, that we are interconnected, that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere (Martin Luther King, Jr.).

How do we get people to develop beyond the “me-me-me” to the “us”?

Thank you for your input!

🙂 matt