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“To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest.” – Mohandas K. Gandhi


“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Gandhi said it and corporations and politicians co-opted it and sucked the life out of it.  But make it real and you’ll change the world.

You’re part of a NEW social movement built on compassion and personal responsibility.  Social change comes from the people UP, not from the top down.  The state of the world isn’t something being done TO us; it is being done BY us.

Each of our choices in the past built the world we live in today.  And each of our choices from this moment forward will build the world we live in tomorrow.  We will build a world reflective of our values when our everyday choices are aligned with those values.

So, c’mon!  Join the land of the living.  Be part of the solution simply by living your life completely and connectedly.

This is from our A Life Connected brochure:

How To Live A Life Connected.

You were born with values that connect you to humanity and to the world in which you live — values of justice, kindness, and compassion. Reconnect to who you truly are. Put your compassion into action and make our world a better place.

1. Connect with yourself. Become re-aware of your moral values.

2. Connect with others. Become aware of how your everyday choices impact other people, the planet, and animals.

3. Connect your choices to your values. If your choices are truly aligned with your values, stay on that path and find even more connections. If your choices are unaligned, make new, better, and more connected choices.

Thank you for all that you do!

All one,

🙂 m

The world population may soon reach 9 billion.

What if everyone on Earth lived exactly like you do?  If everyone traveled the same way, ate the same kinds of foods, wore the same kinds of clothes, lived in the same size of home, consumed the way you do — would it really be sustainable? Could planet Earth handle it?  Would those choices build a better world?  Would those choices make life better for all people, for the planet, and for animals?

Your everyday choices have an impact — and you ARE making a difference.  But what kind of difference are you making?  What kind of difference do you want to make?

Every word, every action, every bite of food, and every bit of consumption have built the world of today. And each of your choices from this moment forward will help build the world of tomorrow.  There’s a way to build a better world — live A Life Connected.

Here’s an interesting snapshot of the world in which you live (from

Have a look and then ask yourself, “What choices can I make to help build a better, more compassionate, more connected world?”

🙂 matt