Nonviolence United.
Our vision is a world driven by the innate goodness of people and their values of peace, justice and compassion for other people, for the planet and for the animals. We are all connected.

A Life Connected.
The question isn’t whether or not you can make a difference – you are making a difference. But what kind of difference are you making? What kind of difference do you want to make?

Nonviolence United is building a kind and just world by helping people align their everyday choices to their values. Our focus is teaching individuals how to live A Life Connected.

Build a better life for you and a better world for everyone.

How To Live A Life Connected.
1. Become re-aware of your moral values.
2. Become aware of the power of your everyday choices. How do your choices impact other people, the planet and animals?
3. Align your choices to your values. Live your life consistently and completely.

Thank you!
Nonviolence United exists through the kindness and generosity of caring people like you.  Please support our ongoing efforts to promote Nonviolence as a way of life and as a way of social change.