Traditional Nonviolence tactics have been studied and marginalized by those who control by force, disconnection and violence. Our marches and speeches are ignored by the corporate-owned media. Our letters are ignored and our emails are deleted. We are even forced into “free speech zones” where we can be more easily ignored and controlled.

But Nonviolence isn’t just holding up signs in protest on weekends and then going back to life as usual. In order for Nonviolence to work, it must have strategy, planning and a real effect that will bring about change in the opponent or replace the unjust system entirely.

Nonviolence United advocates a form of Nonviolence that is built on strategy and has a direct effect regardless of the opponent’s conscience or their willingness to change — Nonviolence as a way of life. We can build a world reflective of our values only when we consume consciously and live our lives consistently with our values. It’s that simple.