NU-zencircleI’ve had a number of folks ask if Nonviolence United is still active — since there hasn’t been any action on this website and almost nothing on social media.

Yes, Nonviolence United (that’s pretty much just me, by the way), is still active.

I just haven’t been spending time on social media since the start of the year.  Part of that was because I’m trying to focus on a few projects and I’ve noticed social media lends itself to the opposite of that — at least for me.

My work has been focusing on filling the gaps of current outreach and activism, re-addressing my more recent understanding of human nature and the big wall of “nope” we hit when asking people to change.  All of this is leading to a departure for me from focusing on changing individuals to changing systems. It’s also led me to re-evaluate our message so it makes more sense for the future into which we are stepping:

We’ve reached the environmental crisis we’ve been warning everyone about for decades. I’ve got to retire my mantra “but there’s still time, there’s still hope.” Wow, what to do with that knowledge? And how to adapt to the new challenges we’re facing.

We’ve become a social hive abuzz with narcisism.

Everyone is distracted — and that it’s only going to get worse.

As times get rough, we could pull together — but there’s a good chance “looking out for number one” will continue its rise.

The information age brought with it the misinformation age. With a shortage critical thinking skills or the lack of energy to think critically, we’ve got a bumpy road ahead.

Interesting times to say the least.

So, yes, I’m active. And my mind is whirling. As always. Just haven’t been in the public eye for a while.

Here’s hoping you’re feeling motivated rather than crushed by the state of things.  I’ll be in touch soon.  In the meantime, just lemme know if there’s anything I can do to help.

All one,

🙂 matt