AccusationsWe posted this earlier in a longer article. But, the article was so long many people didn’t read far enough to find it. So we offer this again in the spirit of helping you, the world, and the emerging Occupy Movement.

THIS IS A CONSUMER REVOLUTION.  The state of the world is not being done TO us; it is being done BY us.  The solution isn’t outside us, it isn’t in the next political savior, it isn’t on Wall Street.  Every consumer choice EACH of us made in the past helped build the world we live in today. WE put those in power who are in power today.  WE polluted, we enslaved, we killed, WE paid for it all.  This isn’t about evil corporations, it’s about UNTHINKING CONSUMERISM.

NOW, every single choice from this moment forward will build the world of tomorrow.  SHIFT THAT POWER!  If you consume consciously only things that are aligned with your values of KINDNESS, JUSTICE, and COMPASSION… THAT is the world you will build.  If not, expect more of the same — a world out of control, twisted against everything we stand for.  This is our great power; this is our great responsibility.

Recognize that YOU already have the power.  YOU always have.  Politicians aren’t going to change that.  Corporations aren’t going to change that.  YOU matter and YOU make a difference.

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT TO GRASP because THIS is the Movement.  Everyone, every single human being is a consumer.  I don’t mean “shop till you drop” consumption (although many are dropping because of our consumption).  I mean we must consume (eat, drink, dress ourselves, find shelter, etc.) to survive.  Those simple consumer choices are not so simple and they are not personal choices — every choice you make has an impact on the world around you, on everyone, on everything.  We’ve been making unthinking consumer choice through:

  • our food choices (wasting resources, killing animals, polluting/destroying the planet, slave labor)
  • clothing (supporting slavery and prison labor, polluting, often killing animals)
  • shelter (destroying the planet, using non-renewable resources, stealing from future generations)

And the rest is just stuff we don’t even NEED!  What were we thinking?  Answer: we weren’t.  Well, now we are!  Now we must!

If you’re not in the streets protesting (and even if you are), you’re still a part of this movement.  Every human being is part of this Movement.  Every single consumer/human is building toward a new system of justice or perpetuating the system of exploitation.  It really is that simple.

EVERY consumer choice you make, EVERYTHING you buy or decide NOT to buy is either part of the solution or part of the problem.  It’s part of the collaborative NEW PARADIGM or it is in direct support of the violent exploitative paradigm you are actively fighting against.

“Talk is cheap; it’s how we organize and live our lives that says what we stand for.” – Cesar Chavez

Even if you’re in the streets “fighting for what’s right” — if you’re buying/wearing your Nike slave labor chemical soaked animal skin shoes, eating a McDonald’s burger (or any animal product), snacking on Hershey’s slave-labor cow’s-milk chocolate, driving your new gas-powered car, and wondering how your 401k might be doing rather than WHAT it is doing (not even knowing in what you’re invested)… are you really part of the solution?  Are you really part of the new paradigm?  Or are you just wasting your time — nailing one foot to the floor before running the marathon.

THIS is the Movement.  It’s a conscious CONSUMER REVOLUTION.  It is a movement of personal responsibility, of personal conscience, of BRAVERY to step out of the confines and comfort of the way it has been into the light of how it could be.

‎It’s time for a revolution. The weapon is in your heart. The weapon is love. It can not run out of ammunition; it cannot be disarmed; and when the war is won, we all win.