Years ago I’d ask audiences, “Who thinks corporations have too much control over our governments, over our lives?” Maybe 1/2 would slowly raise their hands and I’d have to explain what I meant.

Today every hand in the room shoots up… and some people stand up and cheer!

“Why do these giant corporations have so much power?” I’d ask.

“They have all the money!” someone yells.

“And where do they get the money?”…


“Oh… us.”

The state of the world isn’t being done TO us; it’s being done BY us. We have the power to turn it around.  Consume consciously.  In every part of your life.  What you eat, buy, consume, read, watch…

The question is not, “Can ONE person really make a difference?”  You already ARE making a difference.  The question is, “What kind of difference do you want to make?”  Will you be part of the ongoing problem; or will you be part of the solution.  Yes, you matter.  The power is in your hands.