U.S. President Barack Obama last night on the Leno Show said about the #Occupy Movement that, “people are frustrated” and he put the responsibility on the “leaders” of industry to show the way. And he suggested (as does everyone at the helm of the broken system) that all we have to do is buy more stuff and give people jobs so they can buy more stuff, stay busy, buy more stuff, stay busy, buy more stuff…

He just doesn’t get it (on so many levels) — or more likely, he *does* get it and is laying groundwork for the broken machine. It’s not that people are “frustrated” — it’s that people have AWAKENED. “Frustrated,” by definition, implies that people are feeling angry because of their inability to change or achieve something. People aren’t frustrated; they know how to make the change — stop giving money/power to the broken system — and they’re making it happen.

And who needs “leaders” to show us the way? We KNOW the way; and it ain’t in their direction. We are all, each of us, leaders. The power is in OUR hands.

And “buy more stuff”?! Really?! That’s what got us in this mess — unthinking consumption (including war — yes it’s a money making machine to feed the broken system) cheered on by corporate politicians.

The broken system is starting to fight back. Look out. It’s confused by Nonviolence and will lash out in the only way it knows how — with violence and purposeful disconnection (the lifeblood of violence) in order to win back public support and consumer confidence (another way of saying getting people to buy more stuff — which I think is actually a sign of less confidence).

STAY AWARE, stay strong, and stay *actively* Nonviolent. Look to see more provocation in the streets.  Occupiers WILL be provoked.  There WILL be agent provocateurs in the crowds (pretending to be an Occupier, but really being an agent of the oppressor).  This is a very common tactic used to get the Movement, any successful Nonviolent movement, to appear violent so the public attention will be distracted from the purpose of the protest and so public support turns to the oppressor.  Don’t give in!.  Be aware of much less accurate media coverage, and for more media attention to fake news stories from around the world to keep you distracted and escalated wars, etc. to drum up patriotism. Stick to unfiltered news sources.

What we need is a whole new way of thinking, a whole new way of doing, a whole new way of living. Live a life connected. Live your values, change the world.

As always, if you have any questions, we’re here to help if we can.

All one,