It’s that voting time of year.  Headlines about which politicians are promising this or that. Yards littered with political signs — vote “Yes!” on this and “No!” on that. We get anxious because a political loss could have far-reaching personal and community effects. And we get excited because *finally* we can make some positive change.

Are you throwing your vote away? Are you inadvertently voting *against* your own hopes, dreams, and values? Why are we so careful every 2 years or every 4 years to cast a few votes and then so reckless with the votes we cast every single day?

Every Dollar Is A Vote!

Each of our choices in the past built the world we live in today. And each of our choices from this moment forward will build the world of tomorrow. If you’re not making choices aligned with your values, whose life are you living, what votes are you casting… and what kind of world are you building?

Our individual choices are VOTES!  You are voting for and actively building the future… with each and every choice, and especially with each and every purchase.

Your consumer choices act as the conscience of business. Businesses have grown so disconnected that they often only respond to money, not to moral principles. They no longer hear our pleas for kindness and ethics. If profits increase even though a company is spewing toxic fumes, enslaving people, or hurting animals, the company “believes” it is doing something right.

It’s not that these businesses are bad; they don’t know right from wrong — they are simply growing in the direction of YOUR votes. If your values and words which plead for humanity are drowned out by the clamor of your coins, you‘re saying to unthinking businesses, “Yes, keep doing what you’re doing… and do it in my name!”

Every dollar you spend or choose not to spend is a vote. You voted yesterday. You’ll vote today — maybe hundreds of times. Will you vote for a world that respects human rights, protects the environment, and has compassion for animals? Or will you make choices that build a world you really don’t believe in?

You help build a world reflective of our shared values of justice, kindness, and compassion only when your everyday choices are aligned with those values.

Live your values, change the world.

It’s that simple.

All one,
🙂 m