From the inspiring Julia Butterfly Hill, a very nice description of the desperate need for reconnection.  Our interconnection is real — like gravity.  This is the nature and purpose of Nonviolence — the active support, connecting and reconnecting, of our fundamental interconnection with one another.

It’s interesting, watching this with someone else, they wondered why Julia didn’t say “and animals.”  I know from my study of and belief in Nonviolence and interconnection, I’ve come to automatically imagine all people, all non-human animals, and all of nature when I hear “one another.”  It’s now just automatic for me. My guess is this is what Julia pictures, too.  I know that’s where her heart is.

“One another,” “each other,” “life”… some may picture their immediate family or their social justice group or national community or human community.  But it’s really just one community… called Earth.  We’re all in this together.

I hope you enjoy this short clip.

All one,
🙂 m